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Curry Leaf Podi

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Also known as karivepaku podi, our instant curry leaf powder is a delicious South Indian specialty rich in iron. Fulfill your desire for an instant home made meal with this Andhra side dish. Curry leaf podi is a great pairing with a number of dishes including rice, curd rice, idlis, dosas and upma.


Curry Leaf Podi is a South Indian specialty also called karivepaku podi and kadi patta powder. It’s an iron-rich blend of curry leaf powder and selected spices. This podi masala has been a part of Andhra culinary traditions for a very long time. It’s typically eaten as a side dish mixed with rice and ghee, or served alongside South Indian dishes like curd rice, idli, dosa and upma. 

With our curry leaf podi recipe, you don’t have to waste your time on complicated spice measurements. Reduce your cooking time to almost nothing with this ready to eat podi. At the same time, you can make meals delicious and authentically flavoured meals for your family, friends and guests. 

Curry Leaves and Karivepaku Podi – Health Benefits

  • Improve hair growth by adding this delicious kadi patta powder to your diet. The spicy flavour it adds is just the icing on the cake. 
  • Curry leaves are known to improve digestion, help reduce cholesterol and even help with controlling diabetes. 
  • The curry leaves and spices in this karivepaku podi recipe are all rich in antioxidants, and will help your body fight oxidative stress.

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