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Paruppu Podi

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No need to search for Andhra paruppu podi recipes online anymore. This zesty Andhra style podi masala is the instant South Indian side dish you were waiting for.


Andhra paruppu podi has long been a traditional side dish with sambar rice and rasam rice. Pair our spicy paruppu podi recipe with our instant sambar podi or our rasam podi recipe. The quick, delicious meal you get will remind you of the meals you had at your grandparents’ home.

Ideal whether you’re preparing a quick and wholesome meal or an elaborate feast. This instant podi masala is your route to a fast, delicious meal that will keep your guests coming back for second helpings.

Andhra Paruppu Podi – The 3-in-1 Culinary Miracle

The true strength of this delicious lentil-based powder lies in its versatility:

  1. Condiment: Pair this ready to eat instant podi with your rice meals and get a zesty flavour profile added to your classic South Indian meals.
  2. Seasoning: Sprinkle or garnish your dishes with this instant paruppu podi to give your cooking an Andhra-style twist.
  3. Dip: Mix this podi masala with oil or ghee to get a dip you can have your idli, dosa, or even sweet bread or bun with. The perfect quick breakfast for busy professionals and working moms.

How Paruppu Podi can Improve Your Health

  • Packed with protein from roasted lentils, this ready to eat Paruppu Podi recipe gives you a satisfying energy lift 
  • The aromatic spices fight inflammation and add a dash of goodness to your meals.
  • The cumin (jeera) and pepper improve metabolism and help you with your fitness goals
  • Garlic and jeera also help improve heart health 

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