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Gongura Curry Paste

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Bring home this spicy and tangy Gongura curry recipe. A hallmark of South Indian cuisine, it’s the perfect combo of home made flavour and modern convenience.


Unlock the bold flavors of Andhra cuisine with Gongura Curry Paste.

Made from the perfect blend of gongura (sorrel) leaves, aromatic spices and chillies, Gongura curry is a unique recipe popular especially in Andhra Pradash. Our instant curry mix, crafted from traditional recipes, recreates this traditional recipe, taking you back to your childhood on a nostalgic trip like no other.

1 Gongura Curry Paste, Many Recipes

  1. Gongura Chicken Curry: Add the gongura cooking paste, water and boiled chicken for a dish that will have your family and friends begging for a second helping.

  2. Gongura Mutton Curry: Make the famous Andhra-style Gongura Mutton recipe in 15 minutes – just add water and curry paste to your cooked mutton.

  3. Gongura Paneer Curry: Vegetarians can now enjoy the iconic Gongura curry recipe with paneer. Welcome to the classic taste of Andhra cuisine.

What does Gongura Taste Like?

Tart, tangy, spicy and sour – that’s the authentic gongura legacy.

Sorrel leaves come in 2 types – with red stems and green stems. Green stemmed, or green veined, leaves give the food a mild tart flavour. On the other hand, the red veined leaves have a strong sour flavour. The flavour in gongura leaves gets stronger with two factors:

  1. The maturity of the leaves
  2. The degree of summer heat experienced by the plant

The tangy, slightly sour notes of the sorrel leaves are balanced out by warm spices and subtle heat. As a result, your gongura chicken recipe will create an unforgettable flavour explosion.

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