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chicken chettinad recipe

Chettinad Curry Paste

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Make the world famous classic Chettinad recipe in only 15 minutes. This delicious South Indian ready to eat gravy for rice, chicken or paneer, is the perfect meal.


The iconic Chettinad curry recipe has become a hit not just across India but across the world. And now it’s your turn. Say NO to boring lunch and dinner meals, because now you can whip up a classic Chettinad curry in just 15 minutes.

This ready to cook instant curry mix is a carefully crafted blend of ingredients from the classic Chettinad recipe, so that you can have all the flavour, and none of the cooking time. It’s perfect for busy weekdays, or even for those weekends when you want to rest and recharge rather than spend more time cooking.

1 Chettinad Curry – 3 Recipes

  1. Chettinad Chicken Recipe:
    The best known Chettinad cuisine recipe is also now the fastest to cook. Find the full recipe here!
  2. Chettinad Paneer Recipe:
    Why should chicken lovers have all the fun. Add paneer to this South Indian gravy recipe to preserve the essence of Chettinad Curry and transform it into a delicious, 100% vegetarian meal.
  3. Chettinad Egg Curry: 
    Pair this curry paste with boiled eggs for a protein-packed South Indian classic.

Chettinadu – The Land of Palaces, Spices and Fine Cuisine

Chettinadu cuisine arose as the hallmark cuisine of the Chettiar community, living in the Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu. Despite being an inland community, Chettinad’s food includes several delicious coastal dishes because of the community’s extensive maritime activities and trade links with other communities across South Asia.

A number of factors combine to create the distinct flavour that Chettinad has become famous for:

  1. Grinding stones are used to powder the spices, releasing their fragrance into the flavour profile.
  2. Sun dried vegetables are typically used, improving the nutritional value of the dishes and lending them a unique twist of taste
  3. Different types of firewood were burned to create different flavours at various stages in the cooking and preparation process.
  4. The rich gravy that is the characteristic of Chettinad curry is created using coconut, garlic, tomato and ginger.

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