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Sun Dried Curd Chillies are a spicy delicacy commonly served as a side dish with South Indian dishes. They may be used instead of pickles and go well with curd rice, plain rice, and sambar. Green chilies are marinated in curd and filled with salt before being hygienically sun-dried and stored. The texture of these dried chiles is bright golden brown. They get dark brown after frying and taste great with hot steaming rice. These sun-dried curd chiles may be made at home using the following method. Soak the green chiles in a curd and salt solution in a 1:1 ratio. When they are delicate, they are sun-dried to a white tint. These dried and salted chiles may be cooked in coconut or cooking oil to get a dark brown dish. These crispy fried foods go wonderfully with curd rice. Curd chilies should be stored in a dry, cold area in airtight containers away from moisture.  


  • Sun Dried Salted Curd Chillies from Kerala
  • Natural Product / Excellent Processing / Ready to Fry
  • This product contains neither preservatives nor artificial flavors.
  • Packaged content: 200g genuine and natural tasty curd chilies
  • Raw chilies are marinated in curd/buttermilk and filled with salt before sun-drying and in an airtight container.
  • Deep fried it and served with curd rice, porridge, Buttermilk Rice, etc. • Curd Chilli is filled with salt and cooked in a sanitary kitchen following a traditional method to ensure original flavor and texture.
  • Adding salt and a coating of curd flavor enhances the flavor of the chiles. This batch of curd chilies is ready to cook. It is fried in oil until crisp to produce a dark brown recipe. It will provide a salty, crunchy flavor to your food.
  • Curd chilies should be stored in airtight containers away from moisture in a dry, cold environment.

How to Use 

Curd chiles are most commonly used as a topping for curd rice, a traditional comfort food meal of cooked rice combined with yogurt and, if you're feeling fancy, a variety of oil-fried spices. The chiles, deep-fried before serving, offer a salty crunch, another layer of yogurt flavor, and a lot of sauce. Some curd chile enthusiasts skip the meal pairings and eat them directly from the frying pan, like popcorn. When frying, use caution because they cook in 30 seconds or less and can quickly burn. Sneak some in with your dish of salted nuts to keep your visitors sipping and limit idle snacking. 

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