Cold Pressed Peanut Oil,1Ltr

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It is a vegetable oil that is mildly sweet and derived from peanuts. Since people are switching to nut oils for their benefits, peanut oil has become famous for cooking. It has been used as a deep frying oil in various parts of the world due to its not absorbing the foods flavor. Hence you can fry many items simultaneously. Many Indian households use this oil since fried food is an indulgence for many.

Health benefits:

Peanut oil has monounsaturated (good) fats and can help boost metabolism, aiding in weight loss. It is a safe option for people with diabetes since it regulates insulin. A great anti-ageing oil and also helps in preventing arthritis.

How to use:

Massage the roots of your hair with peanut oil to help promote hair growth. Peanut oil is an excellent cooking oil, especially for deep frying.

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