Curry Leaf Podi 100g

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Curry leaves are so ubiquitous in an Indian kitchen that its presence is rarely noticed. However, curry leaf is an
ingredient whose absence is keenly felt.


Most Indian cuisines cannot do away without Curry Leaves. Do not underestimate the taste they add to the dish! In South India, we have several recipes celebrating curry leaves. This podi comes across as one of the most famous ones. Your diet should include fresh ground curry leaf podi with great taste and fantastic health benefits. This podi will complement dosas, idlis, ghee-rice, appams and many more dishes.


Health benefits: 

Curry leaves work wonders on your iron levels and is a saviour for
hair fall problems. Using curry leaf podi regularly can also regulate blood sugar levels
and benefit people with diabetes.


How to use:

1. Heat a teaspoon of ghee and add it to a teaspoon of curry leaf podi.
2. Make a paste(thick or thin; however you like it).
3. Spread it on the dosas or idlis.
You can add curd to the podi and have it with Rotis or Chapatis. Add it to the ghee
rice and observe how the taste reaches another level. Experiment by adding the
podis to the upma or other dishes and impress people with your cooking skills!

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