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Ghee roast and dosa – is there a more iconic duo? Here’s our instant paneer ghee roast recipe, specially created so that veg lovers and vegetarians can also enjoy the delicious flavours of coastal Mangalore. No matter how busy you may be, here’s a dish you can reliably put on your dining table in 15 minutes flat. 

A meal vegetarians can enjoy with relish – Paneer Ghee Roast



Ingredients to Give Paneer that Classic Ghee Roast Twist

The combination of curd, spices, ghee and curry leaf that creates a ghee roast is delicious, but time consuming to prepare. With this instant recipe, you can now prepare paneer ghee roast on even your busiest days. You’ll need:

The Iconic Paneer Ghee Roast Recipe

Ghee Roast in 15 Minutes with this instant curry mix
The most important ingredient of your recipe – Ghee Roast Paste

The Ghee Roast recipe originated in Kundapur, Mangalore. The special masala mix combines with ghee for a unique taste that resonates through every version of ghee roast paneer and chicken ghee roast made in Mangalore.

Read on for the perfect combination of authentic taste of home made food and the convenience of ready to eat food:

Serving Instructions 

With this instant recipe, you’re offering your guests a piece of traditional Mangalore. This is about more than a meal – it’s about tradition, heritage, and the delicious, secret recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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