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Masala Rice Papad 200g

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Introducing Kitchens of Malgudi’s Masala Rice Papad, a delightfully crunchy and crispy snack. While you may have these papads whenever you want, they also make the ideal dinner side dish. Now refresh the evening snacks with tea or a side dish with your lunch and dinner. Masala rice papad is always the best pick for your choice. These crispy and flavorful papads will have your taste buds wanting more. Rice Masala Papad is a fantastic addition to any meal or snack time, handcrafted with care by expert workers. These thin, crispy papads are sun-dried to create perfect texture and flavor. Order today and enjoy the crisp, flavorful delight that will take your taste senses to new heights of enjoyment. Make every meal special by elevating your dining experience with this must-have delicacy. They are made using the best ingredients, and the hygienic packaging guarantees that the food will stay fresh for a while. The papads are created using ancient skills passed down through generations, assuring a genuine and delectable experience. These papads are an impressive addition to your cupboard thanks to the high-quality ingredients and thorough preparation. Serve the masala papad as an appetizer, a side dish, or a delicious bite on its own to use its flexibility. Combine it with your favorite chutneys, pickles, or sauces for a flavor explosion. Fry up your favorite snacks at home in your preferred oil, or roast it with the ghee if you are a health or fitness freak. Kitchens of Malgudi continue to produce high-quality goods that clients may share with their loved ones. 


Cooking Instruction 

  • Remove all of the tomato seeds. Mix all of the veggies in a bowl for mixing.
  • In a separate mixing dish, combine all of the masala ingredients.
  • Ghee is lightly coated on both sides of the papad. After that, roast it.
  • Put the roasted papad on a platter. Sprinkle some of the masala mixture on top of the papad. Spread the veggie mixture on top of the masala. After that, top the veggies with a little more masala.



  • These delicious papads can be a good friend if you feel hungry during high tea. 
  • Crispy and crunch masala rice papads are always the best outing snack for your trip. 
  • The long storage life of these masala rice papads gives you the advantage of keeping them safe and enjoying them all the time. 
  • The authentic flavor of these papads provides a flourishing explosion in your mouth. 
  • These masala rice papads are healthy and always preferred with lunch, dinner and can also be paired with tea in the evenings. 

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 45 × 23 cm

White, Black, Beige


200 gms


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